Moving On

It's been an enjoyable few months writing posts on this blog, but I've decided this will be the last on this blog. I enjoy writing, and I could probably do it all day. But there are other priorities I've decided to dedicate more time to in an attempt to simplify my life a little and focus on the things that are most important.

There are other blog posts I hoped to write and never got around to. Like "Whisper School" -- how to help those members of society that seem to have a megaphone lodged in their vocal chords learn how to communicate in quiet tones. Maybe I'll get to those some day. In fact, my dream semi-retirement life would be to have enough funds set aside that I would not HAVE to work at a regular job and could spend time being with my family, doing things we enjoy, and writing in my spare time.

Whether that day comes in 5 years of 25 years has a lot to do with those "more important" things that I need to focus my attention on. Here's hoping for five!